12 Universal Laws Part 2

Welcome back to part two of the 12 universal laws. This second article breaks down the law of attraction, the law of perpetual transmutation of energy, the law of relativity, the law of polarity, the law of rhythm and the law of gender. 

The Law of Attraction

This law is probably one of the best known laws although it can leave people feeling empty when they fail to attract the results they desire. By better understanding this law you will be able to work with it and see results. The law of attraction is not a stand-alone one, but works in synchronicity with the others. To begin with you may start with this law, sending out mentally and emotionally that which you desire. Imagine what you desire as if it were here in this moment, what emotional response does this create within you, how do you feel in your body, your mind? Focus for a few minutes on this feeling, then express that outwards, be that which you want to attract. Neale Donald Walsch states that immediately after using your thoughts and feelings to focus on that which you desire, you will automatically invoke the law of opposites. Be prepared to draw to you the opposite of what you want, this is how the universe makes room for what you desire; first you send your desire out as energy, then your immediate experience is the opposite of that. How can you know companionship if at first you do not know loneliness? It may be harder at first, you may desire more company and then have your only friend move to a new town further away. Do no be disheartened this is the natural process. Hold to what you desire and continue to feel that which you desire as if it were here now.

This law states that the moment you declare anything, everything unlike it will come into the room. This is necessary in order to create a context within which what you choose to experience becomes possible. – Neale Donald Walsch

Whenever you are attempting to manifest anything in your life, the best way to speed this process up is to desire something that will be to the betterment of all humanity. Why is this important? Because the law of divine oneness tells us that we are all one. You may think you are here with 6 billion other human beings, but in fact this is just an illusion, we are all one; in fact you’re the only one in the room. So by desiring something that benefits all, you’re seeking to manifest that which will bring joy to all of yourself. The results will be tremendous, they will be manifested faster and almost certainly greater than you had hoped.

To see this in action lets take the desire for company, as an example, when you are feeling lonely, you might imagine and feel what its like to have people whose company you adore; you envision spending time together, having a great time. To help this to be something that is of benefit to numerous human beings you might instead imagine yourself lifting several new people out of loneliness, envisioning yourself lighting up their life with companionship, laughter and boosting their self worth. This second desire will likely come into affect a lot fast than the first. The first desire benefits only you, the second benefits many and this also gives you the clarity to see an opportunity for action which could be taken to help create this experience. In this instance that would be reaching out to people online or with a local advert to reach out to those whose life you can give great friendship to.

Christ: “Wherever two or more are gathered, there I am.” The point of that statement — and the point I am making here: Collective creation can be more powerful than individual creation. – Neale Donald Walsch

Lastly when you desire to manifest anything in your present reality be the source of what you desire. If you cause others to experience that which you desire to have or be then you become the source and are thus abundant in whatever your desire is. This is because it is usually easier to believe that other people may experience what you desire, more so than yourself. If your desire is for more money, cause others to have more money. Find someone who has less than you, no matter who it is, and give to them that which you desire. Offer to pay a bill for a loved one who is experiencing lack in finances, give money to a friend who could use a little extra or give generously to the person living on the streets. By causing another to have more money, you will create it in your own experience for yourself. Take a moment of gratitude each time you hold, spend or receive money; say thank you to the universe and through gratitude you will appreciate your present abundance and create room for more.

Change your perspective. Move from “I do not now have this,” to “I have always had this, and I have this now.” Then, act as if you do. Speak as if you do. Think as if you do. – Neale Donald Walsch

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

This law states that all energy will flow into the world as physical form. The universe is set to “yes” and every thought you have is creative to some degree. You are constantly creating even on the smallest level, energy is constantly moving and your thoughts are constantly constructing reality. Whether your thoughts are in line with what you desire, or what you despise, you will have them as your experience; either in a small way like an advert on television or a big way like a life changing relationship or experience.

Energy from the formless realm is constantly flowing into the material world and taking form. This energy is limitless and inexhaustible. – Wallace D. Wattle

The best way you can work with this law is to be aware of your thoughts and begin the practice of actively choosing your thoughts, instead of living in a responsive state whereby your thoughts are a reaction to your current experience. At first this may seem difficult; to watch one’s thoughts can appear to take a lot of your mental energy. Although discipline at first takes practice eventually it becomes a practice done with ease. When you are in your first few days of working out (especially if you have never done it before) it can seem tiring and difficult, but with practice it can become a natural, daily practice. This practice of choosing your thoughts will benefit your worldly experience greatly.

When your thoughts are consistent, the law of energy will work clearly in your life.

It is the primary or dominant thoughts in your mind that are able to be used by this law, to turn energy into form. You can choose joy or peace in each moment by actively choosing your thoughts and if your consistent in these for long enough you will create in you the new belief that this active thought is your experience. Think it long enough that you believe it.

the law of energy

The Law of Relativity

This law states that what we perceive as real, can only be so by comparison to what surrounds it. Good and bad are relative terms, dependant purely on the definition of the other. Without this level of comparison everything would simply be, and behind the illusion this is exactly how it is, however with the law of relativity we are able to know the full spectrum of ourselves. If our soul’s desire is to know itself as the healer, then there must be someone with whom to heal, else the healer does not exist. Even the master healer holds her status because she empowers others to become their own healers.

When working with this law a good place to start is with language, we throw words like “good” and “bad” around a lot, more often than we’re aware. In truth no one is bad anymore than they are good. As part of your spiritual journey, whenever you feel yourself judging an action or choice others have made, whenever you use the word “bad” seek instead to understand how and why this occurred. No one makes a choice because they believe it to be “bad” but because this appears to be the best option to them at the time.

Nothing in life has meaning except for the meaning we give it. – Anon

The law of relativity has many benefits, but in regards to the language and judgements we choose it can be used in a way that is harmful and divisive to humanity. Replace judgement with understanding, make it your prerogative to understand another instead. This allows you to use the law in a beneficial way; not only will you be practicing non-judgement which will help you to see our divine oneness but you will also see this person or action as your teacher. They will be a sign post for what your soul is not trying to be, therefore by relative comparison showing your true self to you. When you see examples of what you are not, or what you do not wish to be, you can move away from that, and be inspired to be the change you desire to see in the world. Work with this law to see and be the truest version of yourself.

the law of relativity

The Law of Polarity

This law states that in each thing, its opposite exists. The law of polarity allows for two completely different parts and yet in each seperate part is the possibility of the other. To help you understand this consider yourself, there is both dark and light in you; the potential to move away from your soul by taking part in that which is destructive holds within it space for you to choose its opposite – the path of enlightenment.

Any action has an equal and opposite reaction – Sir Isaac Newtown

Many of us have had the experience whereby something we deem to be tragic turns into our greatest blessing, pushes us to our highest path, allows us to meet our soulmate or awakens us spiritually in a way that nothing less “tragic” could. Even in the midst of a difficulty look deeply into it, ask yourself truthfully, what opposite can be experienced here? Whether this is simply in gaining a new understanding or perspective or whether this difficulty is your call to action to create a positive change, there is always the potential for the opposite. When working with this law be aware of the laws of divine oneness and relativity; remember that no one is “wrong” from their perspective, practice understanding. Make it your aim to find the good in the difficulty; love the profane as much as you love the profound.

the law of polarity


The Law of Rhythm

All cycles or energy in motion, can be viewed through the law of rhythm. Imagine a pendulum being pulled to the left, upon release it must move swiftly to the right. This is the universal dance, where one moves the other too must move; the sun setting allows the moon to rise. In nature we see this law in the seasons, planetary movements, the moon pulling the tide back and forth, everything in nature has a rhythm. For women this law of rhythm is experienced in our monthly cycle, others may experience this law by changing careers every seven years; all things have a cycle and such cycles move to this rhythm.

To work with this law recognise that everything you are experiencing is temporary. If you’re experiencing a time of pleasure, express gratitude and enjoy this moment however if you’re experiencing a difficult period in your life take solace in the knowledge that it too is temporary. This is the cycle of all things, however once you begin working with this law you can have tools at the ready to assist you with the challenging times such as meditation and movement. It is useful to apply mindfulness and present moment awareness to all aspects of life as this will help you to find balance no matter your external circumstance.

The Law of Rhythm

The Law of Gender

This is the final law of the 12 universal laws, the law of gender. This law states that in all things there is both the feminine and the masculine. This law shows itself as one of duality. Within yourself you will experience both the feminine – powerful, nurturing, love, intuitive as well as the masculine – taking action, analytical, structured, protective. The law of gender exists regardless of your physical gender male or female and regardless of the gender you identify as: female, male, bigender, non-binary, a-gender, pan-gender or any other. This is also the case in spirit, as God or the universe is both female and male.

To work with this law practice balancing the feminine and masculine energy within you. In consciously balancing the two you also balance other states within yourself such as the soul and the ego. Try not to be overly defined by traditional gender roles in society as they can and have limited both women and men for centuries. For example as a woman you may feel limited in your career roles to feminine friendly jobs, as a man you may too feel limited to pro-masculine jobs. Try questioning these old ideas as they arise, replacing them with that which embraces both your feminine and masculine qualities.

the law of gender


If you have found this information useful or would like to add anything to further our understanding please leave it in the comments below. How do you best work with the laws of the universe?
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