Law of Attraction: 3 Beliefs to Empower Yourself

In your daily life it can be easy to get caught up in the mundane; your focus is on the getting through the working day not on your highest potential or deepest desires. It is understandable that in our present construct of the world we forget the magic and possibility that we have access to. Our desires and infinite creative powers get pushed down; we believe that great, big, exciting lives are only possible for a select few or not possible at all.

It may not be beneficial to live in a creative state at all times but it is essential to your soul’s evolution that you allow yourself to experience this state of being, this unlimited possibility; if only for a few moments in your day.

There are 12 universal laws ranging from the law of divine oneness to the law of gender and once you begin to understand these you can work with them. When it comes to creating a life you love it is useful to understand the law of attraction. 

The law of attraction states simply that you attract what you are; like energy attracts like energy. Ultimately it comes down to your energy; if you are believing and feeling an idea or experience whether you deem it to be beneficial or destructive more of the same will be attracted to you. In Conversations with God, Neale asks God about the law of attraction to which God explains that the universe always says yes to whatever you’re asking for, stating or being. If you say “I want more money” the universe says “Yes, you do want more money”.  If you state that you feel healthy, the universe supports you in that feeling and you begin to have more of that experience. 

Law of Attraction

Transforming Old Beliefs 

Lets begin by examining three major mindsets that hold you back. In order to work with the universal law of attraction you must begin to break away from old beliefs that create a less than fulfilling reality for you. From this place you may embrace new beliefs that can transform how you create, and you are always creating. It can be uncomfortable for your ego and your mind to accept the truth if it challenges the status quo, so recognise if you have any internal resistance to these new beliefs. If so, allow yourself to sit with that resistance and question if it is still serving you in your journey. 

I am Already Complete

Many of us believe that in order to have what we desire we must change who we are. You may have the belief that you are not rich enough, not smart enough, not strong enough, not skinny enough, not beautiful enough, not spiritual enough. Now is the time to tell those old thoughts “enough!”.

Repeat after me: “I am already complete”.

This is one of my favourite mindset shifts, because as I allow myself to feel this truth I instantly shift into a joyous mindset in which more peace, fulfilment and joy are attracted to me. Hold this belief and allow yourself to truly feel what it means to be complete. In the moment of embracing this mental shift any struggle instantly falls away; this is similar to the path of least resistance because it gives you permission to fully accept yourself as a whole and complete being. You experience your divine worth, and when meditating on this mantra you can experience the part of your being that is formless and eternal.

Teal Swan says:

The very concept of “deserve” implies that one must first serve, qualify or earn to receive. This is a problem because nothing you could ever do could make you unworthy of what you desire. And what you desire already belongs to you, whether it has manifest yet or not.

When you no longer need to be something other than what you are you can relax and enjoy the ride. By accepting yourself as complete you immediately halt old beliefs of unworthiness instead placing yourself in a state of inspiration and creativity where you can recognise your desires and manifest them into your reality. 


Everything I Desire Already Exists

You might hold the current belief that you should release all desires, that they are creating suffering within you. However desire is the driving force for change, growth and creation. Desire works hand-in-hand with divine inspiration which allows you to create anything at all. By allowing yourself to embrace your deepest desires through that which inspires, you will have already taken the first big step toward experiencing that as your reality.

To help shift into a positive relationship with your desires and help them to manifest clearly state “Everything I desire already exists”. After making this statement allow yourself to feel that experience within. Many who have struggled to work with the law of attraction have felt unsuccessful because their desire’s began and ended in their minds. To truly experience the process of manifesting you must feel what you desire becoming real. Emotion is energy in motion and a vital step for transforming thoughts into things. 

Bentinho Massaro says:

Be aware of your vibration and choose yours.  Don’t monitor the germination process – Let go of details. Care more about how you feel than how it manifests. 

With this new mindset you can gently let go of the feeling that you are always chasing the next best thing. The paradox is that when you allow yourself to feel deeply the experience of your desires already being achieved and your dreams already existing you allow the universe to bring that to you at a much faster speed. There is no more wanting but instead a knowing that follows when you sit in the feeling of this mantra. 

There is No Lack 

You may hold the beliefs that it is too good to be true, there isn’t enough to accomplish your dreams or that there may be plenty for others but not for yourself. This brings us to the third mindset shift – there is no lack; everything is possible. 

Bentinho Massaro says: 

The source of all suffering: believing in lack.

The solution to all suffering: Care about how you feel more than you care for your thoughts about a circumstance. Practice feeling amazing in each minute regardless of circumstances. 

There is no lack, there is no limit on what you can have, create or experience. You are God experiencing the relative world through the form of your physical body. The atoms that make up your body have more space in them than matter, and levitate on an electrostatic field. You live on a ball floating in space held down by forces that are entirely invisible to you. There is a great deal more going on than we have the ability to witness at this point in our experience. Knowing that all amazing creative forces work within you as they do with anyone whose life you admire should be a strong reminder that you can experience what you desire. There is no lack, no limited amount of love or money or food or time in this world. Embrace this mindset shift and know that you are unlimited and eternal.

It can take time to embrace a new way of thinking completely; to speed up this process meditate on just one of the above, speak or think clearly the new belief e.g. “I am already complete”. Then allow yourself to feel what that completeness feels like in your body and in your soul; experience your muscles and mind relaxing. Aim to feel more than think with the new belief, but if the feeling is fading then speak or think the new belief once more, followed again by the feeling of it. After you have meditated on this new mindset let it go and once or twice through the course of your day allow yourself once more to experience what that belief feels like for you. Regardless of the outcome you will experience the gentleness and the joy of these new beliefs in the present moment. 

What you allow yourself to feel in this moment is what you will attract.

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