Your Spiritual Awakening

To experience a spiritual awakening can bring with it a mixed bag of emotions and changes in your perception. This article will guide you through some of the many signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening, how to trigger one within if you have not experienced it and how to move forward with some of the trickier aspects of your new awareness. 

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

To have an awakening of your spirit, is to firstly recognise this third aspect to your being: your soul. You are a three part being, but all too often you may choose to live through the experiences of your body or your mind. It is part of the awakening process to realise your soul is there and it has something to tell you. To awaken to your soul also allows you to awaken to the universal soul that connects us all. You awaken to the higher spiritual self, be that God or the Universe or simply love. Your understanding of your life and your purpose changes as you move toward your truth. To awaken is to move toward enlightenment and a way of living on this earth that supports your soul’s desires. 

How to Trigger a Spiritual Awakening?

This experience may occur without any help from you, but there are steps you can take to trigger a spiritual awakening.  Major life events can trigger an awakening however these are largely outside of your control. There are many things that can help guide your soul in coming forward:

  • Meditate – regularly building this practice will allow you to access the deeper truth within
  • Spend time in nature – the awe of the natural world can shift old mindsets and help you become clear about your truth
  • Bringing mindfulness techniques into your day
  • Choosing to no longer absorb social media, the news, movies, television or media that keeps you numb to your soul
  • Making a decision to nourish your soul through what you think and do.
  • Moving away from social expectations and the status quo and moving toward your joy
  • Reading the spiritual wisdom found in texts like the Bhagavad Gita or Buddhist wisdom: 

Signs and Symptoms

For those experiencing an awakening of the spirit there can be some both peaceful and painful side effects. Like any process of change you find yourself forced to let go of the old to make room for the new. The truth of who you are cannot be hidden for long and sometimes you must have the old mindsets and traditions rocked right out of place in order to remember your true self. This process can be difficult; your relationships may begin to crumble or erupt, you may lose your job or your home, or any number of previously stable or reliable aspects of your life. If this is what has happened then you can be sure the universe is clearing everything back from your life in order to help you let go of the illusion and recognise the truth. The truth of you is that you are complete and whole without doing, being or having anything outside of yourself. Without the external the universe is giving you an opportunity to turn to the internal, to know who you are without the stuff you fill life with. 

The universe has shaken you, to awaken you.

Here are some of the signs or symptoms of a spiritual awakening, some peaceful, some challenging:

  • Feeling upset or uncertain and possibly experiencing a period of depression
  • Questioning your purpose for being here
  • Choosing to spend time alone
  • Being drawn to certain people, places or situations
  • Making decisions based on what is most loving for yourself
  • Feeling at ease without knowing what direction you are going in – trusting the universe
  • Spontaneous feelings of contentment and feeling satisfied in yourself
  • Desiring greater spiritual wisdom, seeking spiritual answers
  • Feeling empathy and connectedness with all beings
  • Synchronistic moments arise more frequently
  • Desiring freedom over possessions 
  • Making choices that are nourishing to heal your body, mind and soul
  • Experiencing understanding in place of judgement

How to Move Forward?

To go through a spiritual awakening may feel like the beginning of the end. In so many ways this is true, it is the end of old beliefs that no longer serve you. The end of old relationships, tasks, activities and environments that no longer support your inner self. Be accepting of this change, even if at first it is painful or difficult, simply accept it, even if you cannot act on it immediately.

Let your mantra be: “I accept the awakening of my soul and the changes it is bringing. I let go of what no longer serves me and I embrace love.”

During this time of change, turn to texts, films, places and people that nurture your spirit. Be gentle with yourself through nourishing your soul. There is a peaceful place that you may reach when you have come to the other side of being stripped bare. You will be uplifted again in the knowledge that there is nothing missing from who you are. There is only love and the choices you make to move toward the most loving actions for yourself, for others and for the planet. 

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    1. Hi Kiarna,
      Thank you for your feedback. There can definitely be a difficult side to awakening. I think thats the best indicator to go deeper with introspection such as journaling. Its also a good time to embrace loving self-care which can take the form of anything from meditating, to giving yourself time away from social media, to eating whole plant-based foods. <3

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