Welcome to my blog, a resource for those seeking lead a meaningful and connected life. Living consciously requires presence in everyday moments; being fully here, right now; choosing mindfulness. I believe that when you become mindful you can open yourself up to the experience of being here, instead of in the past or future. With mindful living practices, you can engage with your soul and discover who you are and how to bring your spiritual truth into this world. Slow-living and choosing simplicity bring you right into the present moment, remove unnecessary burdens and help you align with your personal values.

This blog is one way in which I hope to add value to your life. Creating a life of content is an active process. Through sharing my experiences and those of others and by providing practical tools, my purpose is to help you grow, to become connected and present in your decisions. Actionable steps provided will help you identify your values and make conscious choices. Small habits stacked on to one another, resources from folk walking the talk and tools and tips are shared among us on this blog.

If you love learning and growing, sharing your truth and living on purpose, you’ll feel right at home here. This blog is a community of encouraging and supportive people and we want you to experience, engage and share. If you want to lead a simpler life that brings you more fulfillment then you are in the right place.


About Me

Suzie Maddock Snow

Hi my name is Suzie and this is my great big passion; helping others (and myself) to lead a contented and peaceful life. I am a traveler, a nature enthusiast and pro the peace that I find when I am mindful, present and connected to God.

I live in Brisbane, Australia. My local cafes are where most of the blogging takes place, usually with a big cup of Joe.

My love for mindful living started over five years ago when my life looked vastly different from how it does today. I was aware of the kind of life I desired and the way I wanted to feel but I had no idea how to get there. I was one unsatisfied lady, and this discontent was the force I needed to look for answers. I began reading books and blogs (like this one), going to lectures and watching them on YouTube. I found some amazing experts who I learned as much as I could from people who seemed to have the sense of peace that I lacked. I found some of my answers through the slow living movement, minimalism, zero-waste, holistic health and eventually I found mindfulness. From there I was able to play an active role in bringing my day-to-day activities into alignment with my values to create a life of simplicity and presence. I can safely say that life has never looked or felt so rosy. After experiencing a multitude of positive changes in my life through slowing down and being present I decided to create a space (this beautiful blog) for myself and others to share the benefits and how to’s of a simple life, to help each other live a value-based, contented and joyful life.